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Whereas in Clinical Hypnosis the focus is on the use of post-hypnotic suggestions, Analytical Hypnotherapy explores the unconscious causes or issues, which are driving your symptoms. It is a non-directive process in which we discover and find the original cause of your bothersome symptoms in order to successfully and permanently resolve them.  

In the session, you take the lead. Lights dimmed, soft relaxing music and eyes shut, while I take you into a light and relaxing state of hypnosis. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, we will start the process of free-association. If you have ever played the word association game, whereby someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind, it is just like that! Instead if words, we use your memories and experiences. This process of free association can lead to surprising and liberating insight into the unresolved conflicts that can be laid at the door to your symptoms. 

Internal conflict within the unconscious mind in certain situations can be the cause of the bothersome symptoms. The conflict can be a childhood experience, which has left you troubled, anxious and distressed. If this conflict is left to bounce around and fester in the background or unconscious mind can manifest in a huge array of symptoms and symptomatic experiences. What you might find interesting is that the reason for the experiences being situated in our childhood, is that at that stage in our lives we have not yet developed the psychological capability or understanding in order to process certain situations or experiences. 

Through the process of free association and while in hypnosis, we are able to bypass or sidestep the normal defences that usually stop us from fully resolving the issue or problems that we face. If you are sceptic of hypnosis, this process can still be undertaken in full awareness, however it would take a lot longer.