Clinical hypnotherapy

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is also known as Suggestion Therapy. It works by the therapist giving you carefully selected “hypnotic suggestions”. These are delivered to the unconscious mind while you are relaxed and comfortable in a state of hypnosis. For your comfort, lights are dimmed and subtle melodies are played in the background. 

While you are safely and gently eased into a hypnotic state, which the majority of people would describe as an extremely relaxing and a very pleasurable experience, you are slowly and gently given carefully selected suggestions that are intended to alter the patterns and associations in your unconscious mind, in order to influence your behaviour and thoughts. 

When you are brought out of your hypnotic state, you will feel relaxed, energised and fresh so that you can enjoy the rest of your day and feel the benefits of your session. 

For your convenience, you will be shown self-hypnosis and at your request your session can be recorded. You will be able to replay the sessions while you are on your lunch break or wherever you feel like relaxing, or if you want to reinforce the suggestions and the amazing discoveries of your live sessions. Sessions can normally take around 1 hour.